Weather in China

clip image001 thumb1 Weather in ChinaChina has a vast area about 9.6 million square kilometers, spanning 51 degrees of latitude that over tropical, subtropical and temperate zones. Influenced by the wide-range latitude and also the complicated geographical terrain, climate, from east to west, south to north, each varies radically.

Weather in tropical zones, like Hainan province, southern Taiwan, Guangdong, and Yunnan province, is very warm all around a year. Except for these areas, the vast northern zones can be divided clip image003 thumb Weather in Chinaby an isotherm of zero degree traversing the Qinling Mountain-Huaihe River -southeast Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Areas north of the division are dry and frozen in winter, whose climate is suitable for wheat, while the south sides are warm and the temperature always stays above zero, planting not wheat but rice.

Towards the north further, in the northeast three provinces, difference in temperature becomes clearer during four seasons, and the average temperature is lower than other areas. Mohe, a county lying at top north in Heilongjiang Province, can hit an average of 30 degrees centigrade below zero in winter while at the same time, temperature in Hainan Province is about 20 degrees.clip image0055 thumb Weather in China

In the west, two inland provinces Tibet and Xinjiang have another kind of weather. Temperatures here vary a great deal. There is a saying in Tibet that “Sky varies in a distance of ten miles”, and a “four seasons in a day”. In Xinjiang Province, people have the saying, “we wear a leather coat in the morning and gauze at noon; eat watermelon around a fire.” Besides, Xinjiang has the hottest place of China Turpan Basin in its center for intense heat at 32 centigrade on average. This place is also well known for the gale as well as a wonderful raisin producing area.

clip image0075 thumb Weather in ChinaIn summer, monsoon from the western Pacific Ocean and the equatorial Indian Ocean blows onto the Chinese mainland, causing rainfall and sometimes typhoons. The summer rainy season starts in April or May, hitting most of southeastern provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, and Hainan. These areas experience many climate changes, while the northwest ones far from the sea are hardly affected.

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In all, weather in most of areas of China has a warm spring, hot summer, cool autumn, and also a cold winter. There are some other places with special climate, like Tibet, many of which have become famous scenic spots for tourists coming from far and near.

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