Official Tree and Flowers of Beijing

clip image002 thumb7 Official Tree and Flowers of BeijingWhile many people are capable of numerating a dozen of palaces of interests in Beijing, few of them could tell the city trees or the city flowers of it. The representative plants selected as the symbols of China’s capital, bear the very traits that assemble the people living in it.

Official city trees: the Chinese scholar tree and oriental cypress

The stately cypress symbolizes the courage and strength of the Chinese people, their simple, and hard working nature and their defiance in the face of aggression. The scholar tree is a symbol of good fortune, joy and well-being.

Official city flowers: China rose and chrysanthemum

clip image004 thumb2 Official Tree and Flowers of BeijingThe rose, a Chinese native, has been crossbred many times, but it still has half of the original Chinese traits. Known as Perpetual Spring, Monthly Red, Snow Challenger and Victorious, it grows quickly, regenerates easily and is graceful and long blooming (May to October).

The chrysanthemum has many names and varieties. In Beijing patted chrysanthemums may be seen year round. They flower in summer and fall naturally but can be forced to bloom any time of year.

Characters thumb6 Official Tree and Flowers of Beijing

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