“Huaguang” Phototypesetting Laser System

clip image002 thumb9 “Huaguang” Phototypesetting Laser SystemTraditional newspaper and books are printed in type. Therefore, it can not be separated from the “lead” and “fire.” At that time, metallic lead was melt by fire, then cast into type. This labor-intensive process polluted the environment and did harm to typesetters’ good health. With the development of computer technology, electronic laser technology had gradually replaced the “lead” and “fire.” “huaguang” Laser Phototypesetting System is China’s pioneer in the field of electronic publishing.

clip image004 thumb4 “Huaguang” Phototypesetting Laser System“Huaguang” Laser Phototypesetting System began in August 1974. Beijing University in May 1975 began to develop Phototypesetting System, presided over by Professor Wang Xuan and other researchers. On July 27, 1979, in the university’s Han Yu Information Processing Technology Research computer room, the researchers used their own Phototypesetting Developed Systems, in a very short period of time, output a sample layout octavo newspaper into a version, comprised of a wide variety of large and small fonts and complex layout, with six characters “Chinese information processing” as the masthead. This is the first Chinese newspaper output by Phototypesetting Laser System. The result opened up a clear road for the world’s most voluminous text – Chinese characters bidding farewell to type printing. It is of great significance of realize the modernization of China’s printing press and publishing areas. At that time, the whole world was astonished by this new printing industry, known as the second revolution of China’s printing technology.

characters thumb9 “Huaguang” Phototypesetting Laser System

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