China’s Civil Service Selection Examination

clip image002 thumb12 Chinas Civil Service Selection ExaminationChina’s civil service selection examinations are the kind examination held by the state administrative in order to select talented people. Chinese citizens who want to enter the central authority need to participate in the national civil service examinations; if the local authority, then take part in local examinations. Since 90s of the 20th century, China has introduced the Civil Service Exam, till now it has developed mature and stable in the 21st century. Every year after the National Day in October the exam schedule is released, by the end of November the written tests are conducted, and in the coming year, the candidates selected according to the results of written test are called by organs and units they’ve applied for final interview.

Table. Report on the Servant Exam of the Central State Organs
Year Applicants No. Admission No. Acceptance Rate The hottest Position
2009 1040000 13566 1.28% 4723:1
2008 800000 13977 1.67% 3592:1
2007 535574 12724 2.38% 4407:1
2006 365000 10282 2.86% 2014:1
2005 310656 8400 2.70% 322:1
2004 181488 7900 4.35% -

In the table above one can directly feel the test pressure and intensity of the competition. In recent years, the Civil Service Examination shows an upward trend but the number of civil service posts is relatively stable, which results in the decreasing acceptance rate. The average admission rate of 1.28% in 2009 shows those handpicked ones are really cream of the crop. Not to mention that some of the hot jobs even require beating tens of thousands of rivals. In contrast, the admission rates for most of the other national examinations are much higher. The admission rate of China’s college entrance examination, for instance, has the acceptance rate of the nearest 1/3. The admission rate of graduate test for most popular professions in China’s best universities is not less than 5%, which is still much higher than of civil service examinations. clip image004 thumb6 Chinas Civil Service Selection Examination

The reason for this, primarily because most of the admission units of China’s national exams are the college or university, and every profession of any university can recruit a lot of students unlike the civil service with limited number of provided posts. Second, the natures between the examinations are different. Civil service examinations are directly related to employment, and college entrance and graduate exams actually reduce the employment-related pressure. Of course, the more the people involved in college, the more delayed the employment pressure to the current market. Moreover, these examinations capital flow reversely. After successfully taking civil service examinations, unit (government) pays wages to the test successors, while the entrance and graduate exams winners have to pay admission fees to their units.

From my option, both the downward trend of admission rate for civil service examinations and the upward trend for the college entrance and graduate admission tests will both continue to exist and develop in current China.

Characters thumb6 Chinas Civil Service Selection Examination

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