Wen Tianxiang Monuments

Wen Tianxiang (1236-1283), a loyal minister appeared at the time when the Southern Song Dynasty was collapsing. The Yuan Dynasty could conquer the Song Dynasty that had lasted for 300 years and built a great empire, but it could not conquer Wen Tianxing’s loyalty to the Song Dynasty. Monuments are built over many places, to memorize his great spirit which for thousand years has inspired generations of Chinese people to fight unyieldingly for their own country.

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Wen Tianxiang’s hometown in Ji’an, Jiangxi honors the famous national hero with a mausoleum. Exhibitions of paintings, calligraphy, and even army uniforms supposedly left by Wen are displayed in the Wen Family Ancestral Temple in Futian. The Wen Tianxiang Mausoleum is located in Wuhushan.


The Memorial to Prime Minister Wen Tianxiang was built in 1376 during the reign of the Ming Emperor Hongwu. The location of Wen’s execution is fought to be near the entrance to Fuxue Alley in the East City District of Beijing and a memorial has been established on the northern side of the entrance to South Fuxue Alley near Beixinqiao.

“The Song Dynasty’s Top Ranking Scholar and Prime Minister, the West River’s Filial Son and Loyal Subject, “is carved into the columns of the memorial’s main hall.

Hong Kong

The San Tin village in the New Territories of Hong Kong, have many surnamed “Wen” (“Man” in Cantonese). The “Wen” villagers trace their ancestry to Wen Tianxiang via Wen Tianshi (Man Tin-Sui), also a famous Song Dynasty general and the cousin of Wen Tianxiang.

A Wen Tianxiang Memorial Park and “Wen” ancestral hall and residences (Tai Fu Tai) in San Tin is a popular historical attraction in Hong Kong.

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