Shopping in Shanghai

clip image002 thumb6 Shopping in ShanghaiRising and thriving on the basis of commerce, Shanghai has long been a very famous shopping city in China, crowded with department stores, shopping malls, age-old stores, specialized shops, super-markets etc. Vying with one another for excellence in the market performance, Shanghai is able to offer a dazzling and endless array of commodities made either in China or abroad. Complete collections of famous brands, and rich assortments of specialties and quality goods. Thanks to the highly developed commodity economy and Shanghainese particular attention to the tastes and material benefits, it has become a showcase for fashions and products of both domestic and international famous brands. And becomes a place of concentration of competitively priced quality goods for customers to compare and choose from.

Since the beginning of the Nineties, as most flourishing commercial centers in China, the famous streets like Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road, Sichuan North Road, Yuyuan Shopping City, Xujiahui etc. have undergone large scale renovation or reconstruction.

clip image004 thumb5 Shopping in ShanghaiNanjing Road (Huangpu & Jingan District)

Known as “China’s No.1 Business Street”, with over 100 old name specialized shops, and Shanghai No. 1 Department Store located here, selling general merchandise.

Huaihai Road (Luwan & Xuhui District)

Selling mainly high and medium class goods, with many specialized shops and boutiques for famous brands, popular for garments and footwear in particular.

Sichuan North Road (Hongkou District)

Selling large assortment of daily necessities mainly made in China, price range fit for wage earners with strong sense of good value for money.

Yuyuan Commercial City (Nanshi District)

Known as “Kingdom of Shanghai Arts & Crafts and small Articles”, selling articles ranging from antiques, jade ware, gold & silver ware, jewelry, to bottle caps, silk threads etc.

Xujiahui (Xuhui District)

Selling products of all price levels, shops, restaurants, amusement park, offices and apartments under one roof.

clip image006 thumb1 Shopping in ShanghaiZhangyang Road (pudong New District)

Located in the New Century Tower, “First Shanghai Yaohan” is the largest department store in Asia. Another major department store, “New Shanghai” occupies floor space twice as big as the total floor space of all shops on Nanjing Road.

Nightless City (Zhabei District)

Selling tourist souvenirs, arts & crafts, native products, daily necessities, coins, stamps, discs etc. A combination of shopping and tours with business, known as “The Pearl at Shanghai Land Entrance Gate”.

Characters thumb8 Shopping in Shanghai

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