Shanxi Province

clip image002 thumb Shanxi ProvinceSituated in the middle of the Yellow River valley, west of the Taihang Mountains, Shanxi Province, as its name suggested, the “west of the mountain”, locates in Bohai Rim Economic Development Zone in north China covering an area of 156,000 square km, with 10 cities directly under the provincial government as well as 118 counties (cities and districts). The provincial capital is Taiyuan. It gases a mild continental climate with four distinct seasons awash in sunlight. The annual average temperature ranges from 4? to 14?, and annual precipitation from 400 mm to 650 mm.

clip image001 thumb4 Shanxi ProvinceShanxi abounds in tourism resources. Famous spots include the Yungang Caves at Datong City in the north, Wutai Mountain, a sacred place of Buddhism in the central part, and the falls at Hukou, the only yellowrfall in the world to the south. Being once one of the cradles of Chinese culture, statistics show that Shanxi now preserves a total of 31,401 unmovable cultural relics of different kinds. The province also encompasses the country’s largest temple of martial valor — the Guan Yu Shrine at clip image004 thumb10 Shanxi ProvinceXiezhou — and one of the four large whispering buildings in China, the Yingying Pagoda of Pujiu Temple in Yongji County.

Over the last 40 plus years, Shanxi has established a basic industrial system comprising a great variety of industries. Currently more than 12,000 industrial enterprises are in operation. Coal and electric power form the backbone of industry of Shanxi.

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