Emei Mountain


clip image002 thumb Emei MountainMt. Emei is located in Leshan City, Sichuan Province and is one of the four mountain ranges in China that Buddhists consider sacred. It is towering, beautiful, old and mysterious. Mt. Emei stretches more than 200 kilometers from south to north and is like a huge green screen standing in the southwest of the Chengdu Plain. Looking its winding and beautiful figure, you will find that it resembles very much an eyebrow of a girl. It is the highest one among all the famous sight-seeing mountains in China.

clip image004 thumb Emei MountainIn Mt. Emei there are four scenic regions: Baoguo Temple, Wannian Temple, Qingyin Pavilion and Golden Summit. Its main peak, the Golden Summit, is 3079.3 meters (10,103 feet) above the sea level, seemingly reaching the sky. Standing on the top of it, you can enjoy the snowy mountains in the west and the vast plain in the east. It will be a place where you want to go again. In addition in Golden Summit there are four spectacles: Clouds Sea,sunrise, Buddha rays and saint lamps. In 1996 Mt. Emei was enlisted in the world natural and cultural heritage by the UNESCO.

clip image006 thumb Emei MountainMt. Emei is a wondrous world. The trees are verdant almost all the year round; the waterfalls are splendid; the whole scenery is beautiful and quiet. The landscape varies according to the seasons, the height of mountain and the climate. You can travel there in winter when you can enjoy two different seasons one day —-winter and autumn. Especially if it’s snowing, you will see a pure white world like in a children’s fairy tales world and after taking the bus to another side of the mountain, there’s fine drizzling rain like in a small city of southern China. The poet Tan Zhongyue living in the Qing Dynasty (1644—1911) once concluded the beautiful landscape in Emei Mountain into ten scenic sights. Today more and more new scenery has been discovered

and given beautiful names such as Listen to the Spring beside the Tiger Brook., Plank Road above Longjiang River and Flying Waterfall Hanging over Dragon Gate. Go there and use your imagination, maybe you will

clip image008 thumb Emei Mountain

discover a new sight by yourself. You still can see monkeys which are very interesting. The monkeys can make many funny actions and they can climb on your shoulder making you fun. However you have to pay attention to your food which you don’t want to give them and the small stuff such as cameras, little packs and so on, or the monkeys will take them as soon as possible. Maybe they will put them on the tree which you can’t reach.

Mt. Emei has a long history. According to the archaeological material, people in remote ancient times have lived in this place. As early as 5,000 ago, the Emperor Xuanyuan paid two visits to the mountain to learn Tao thoughts. And 1,900 years ago, a practitioner built the first monastery in the mountain, which marked the Emei the birthplace of Buddhism in Yangtze Valley. Still a legend claims that the mountain was where Samantabhadra gave lectures on Buddhism and most temples have a statue of Samantabhadra. Today the Buddhist culture has become the main body of Emei Culture. The Buddhist architecture, music, grottos and paintings in the mountain all reflect rich religious flavor and culture.

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