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Year of Birth

The distinctive zodiacal way of calculating years decides that every 12 years is a circulation. People will meet the year of their birth (Benming Nian) considered in relation to the 12 Terrestrial Branches which starts with the Chinese lunar New Year. It is said that in one’s year of birth, he will offend “Taisui”, a [...]

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The Tiger King

Few people have as big a passion for wildlife as Tiger Wang, who has dedicated his entire life to exploring the world for interesting and exciting animals, especially his favorite – tiger. He has received an extra ordinary amount of acclaim for his lifelike depictions of these animals, and has displayed his work at exhibitions [...]

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The Chinese Zodiac

Chinese astrology has a 3,000 year history. The Ancient Chinese originally invented the 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches for chronological purpose. However, since most people were illiterate in that day, 12 animals were designated to symbolize the 12 Earthly Branches for the common person. The lucky animals chosen were the rat, ox, tiger, [...]

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