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Coping with Pressures of Aging Society in China

At a press conference in Beijing on Mar the 6th 2006, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) highlighted some of the key points of interest of the 11th Five-Year Guidelines (2006-2010). A national program was announced after being issued by the China National Committee and approved by the State Council, that China plans to [...]

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Shenmu County

Located to the edge of Ordos Desert in northwest China, an inconspicuous small region – Shenmu County, in 2009 suddenly came in the spotlight and widely reported by the national media and the network. In this inland counties, universal free medical care, 12-years of free compulsory education, the new old-age insurance in rural areas, a [...]

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Li Ning

Li Ning, retired after the 1988 Seoul Olympics, and entered the business community. With his "Li Ning brand" clothing and Jianlibao beverage he sponsored a variety of sports activities, which made a great contribution for the sports development cause of China. The "genius", "prodigy", "gymnastics industry giant," "Chinese ace" and so on seem to tell [...]

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