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Ancient Chinese Shoes (4)

  Etiquette The ancient Chinese had many rules of etiquette within their daily lives, which included their footwear. The rules of the Zhou Dynasty (1100–256 BC) stipulated that people should take off their shoes before entering the house, that shoes and socks should be removed at banquets, and that ministers meeting with the emperor should [...]

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Marriage Cost in China

Weddings are so important in China that couples are willing to fork out dozens of times their monthly income on getting hitched and everything that comes with it. A survey of marriages consumption in 2006-2007 analyzed 60,000 China’s newly-weds in urban areas showed that about 560,000 Yuan (80,000 USD) on average will be spent. A [...]

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The Custom of Crying Marriage

The crying marriage custom has existed a long time in many areas of Southwest China’s Sichuan Province and remained in vogue until the end of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Though not so popular as before, the custom is still observed by people in many places, especially Tujia people, who view crying as a necessary marriage [...]

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