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Red Head Covers

At a traditional Chinese wedding, the bride is often seen with a red veil on her head. It covers the bride’s face. Chinese people call the veil, made of a laced silk square, red head cover. This practice dates back to the Qi Period (479-502) of the Northern and Southern Dynasties. The head cover was [...]

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Bamboo grows in the south of China and is characteristic for its green in either summer or winter. Although it is hollow inside and has joints in its outward appearance, bamboo is tall and solid in texture and always stands straight. Ancient Chinese often used bamboo in language to mean “the people of upright, haughty [...]

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Traditional Chinese Etiquette

Chinese get used to being pushed and buffeted when they use public transportation or go shipping in public stores. They accept this as normal behavior without expecting apologies. At the same time, the Chinese have been conditioned for centuries to ignore “outsiders,” meaning anyone not a member of their family, work unit, or circle of [...]

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