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Tibetan New Year

The Tibetan New Year is celebrated from December 29 through January 15 by the Tibetan calendar. The calendar, with a history of 1000-odd years, has retained its peculiarities although it was greatly influenced by the Han and other nationalities. Traditionally all Tibetan families start, in the middle of December, to prepare butter, milk tea, buttered [...]

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Holy Mission to Carry Forward Tibetan Thangka

"I treat my students as my own children and teach them how to paint thangka for free, I think it’ s my destiny to carry forward this Tibetan traditional art form," said Tibetan thangka painter Norbu Sida."I hope more and more youngsters could fall in love with it," he added. Norbu Sida who was born [...]

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Guozhuang Bonfire Dance in Tibet

Guozhuang village is in Qamdo Prefecture, the east of Tibet autonomous region. Guozhuang bonfire dance is the most famous fork dance in Tibet. In the old time, when travelling merchants took rest at night, they built a bonfire cooking teas. After dinner they danced around the bonfire, to escape from the tired from the whole [...]

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