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Wudang Martial Arts

A major aspect of Taoist influence on Chinese culture is its martial arts. Chinese martial arts of all sorts have a long history and a great diversity of methods and styles. Generally speaking, they are divided into two big schools: the south school and the north school. The north school originated from Shaolin Temple of [...]

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Taoism and Medicine

Due to its main aim at longevity, Chinese Taoism has paid a special attention to medicine. Taoist medicine covers various aspects such as methods to keep in good health, therapeutics, materia medica and medical knowledge. Regretfully, it also has witchcraft elements such as spell and conjuration. In order to get longevity, Taoists have done a [...]

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East Grove Temple

Built in AD 386 by a monk named Hui Yuan during the Jin Dynasty, This temple is located in the western area of Lushan. As an abbot in East Grove Temple for 36 years, he had a following of 1000 Shamen (or Buddhist monks). He led 123 learned monks and his favorite disciples to form [...]

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