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Tibetan Kings’ Tombs

Tibetan kings’ tombs were located at the foot of Mure Mountain opposite to Qiongjie County of the Tibet Autonomous Region. Here stands nine high and wide graves, their shape similar to massifs. In 1959, the Tibetan cultural relics research group organized by the Cultural Relics Bureau of the Ministry of Culture made researches into the [...]

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Wu Daozi, Sage in Chinese Painting

In Chinese history, three people are adored as sages. They are the calligraphy sage Wang Xizhi of the West Jin Dynasty (265-316), the poem sage Du Fu of the Tang Dynasty and the painting sage Wu Daozi, also of the Tang Dynasty. Born in Yangzhai (present-day Yu County in Henan Province), Wu lost both his [...]

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Commerce and Culture in Tang Dynasty

The period under the Tang dynasty, from AD 618 to 907, was what has been called a ‘Golden Age’. China was then the world’s largest state, with a population of over 70 million, and organized by an educated civil service. By the eighth century, block-printing allowed text books and scrolls to be widely distributed. The [...]

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