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How Does Hutong Come?

Hutong are narrow streets or alleys, most commonly associated with Beijing. The origin of “hutong” is still a controversial issue. Some experts claim that it is initially appeared in the Mongolian language about 700 years ago and derives from the Mongolian word “hottog,” meaning “water well.” While others argue it comes from the word “ [...]

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Beijing’s Si He Yuan

Courtyard houses of North China, with Beijing’s Siheyuan(courtyard with houses on all sides) being the highest level and most typical, are the outstanding representatives of traditional residences of China’s Han nationality. Beijing’s Siheyuan, seated in the north of the compound and facing south, mostly consists of inner and outer yards. The outer yard is horizontal [...]

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Mei Lanfang Memorial Museum

The Mei Lanfang Memorial Museum is located at the Huguosi Street in Xicheng District, Beijing. Preparation for the museum’s construction began in December 1983 and the museum was opened to the public in 1986. Covering an area of 700 square meters, the museum, a typical Siheyuan (compound with houses around a courtyard) of old Beijing, [...]

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