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Long Chaoshou

"Chao shou" is a unique way Sichuan people refer to wontons, which literally means making wontons in the shape of folded hands. In the 1940s, Zhang Guangwu, owner of the "Fragrant Teahouse", founded a wonton restaurant named "Long Chao Shou." The dumplings offered by the restaurant were praised for their thin wrappers, tender meat filling [...]

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Kung-pao Chicken

More than 100 years ago in Sichuan, an official of the lord is a fried peanut big "fans". In strong favor the food, he let cooker put the two materials of peanuts and chicken fried into a dish. The peanut mixed in the fresh chicken is even crisper, bringing the taste buds constant flirtation and [...]

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The Custom of Crying Marriage

The crying marriage custom has existed a long time in many areas of Southwest China’s Sichuan Province and remained in vogue until the end of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Though not so popular as before, the custom is still observed by people in many places, especially Tujia people, who view crying as a necessary marriage [...]

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