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The Story of “Shanghai Tang”

In 1994, an internationally known businessman opened a designer boutique shop in Hong Kong, called “Shanghai Tang.” The shop specialized in distinctive Chinese style clothes to satisfy the eager of seeking a cultural identity before Hong Kong’s return to China, and thus found its instant success. After 1995, branches were opened in New York, London [...]

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Shopping in Shanghai

Rising and thriving on the basis of commerce, Shanghai has long been a very famous shopping city in China, crowded with department stores, shopping malls, age-old stores, specialized shops, super-markets etc. Vying with one another for excellence in the market performance, Shanghai is able to offer a dazzling and endless array of commodities made either [...]

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Shanghai Maglev Train

In cooperation with the Shanghai municipality and the Shanghai Maglev Transportation Development Co. (SMT), German Transrapid constructed the first commercial maglev railway in the world in 2002, from Shanghai’s Longyang Road subway station to Pudong International Airport. Commercial operation started in 2003 . The 30 km trip takes 7 minutes and 21 seconds and reaches [...]

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