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Tiger in Folk Art (1)

The tiger is a popular theme in Chinese folk art. One may encounter numerous images of tigers in almost all forms of folk art: paper cuts, embroidery, sculpture, new year print and so on. The earliest image of the tiger was discovered in an ancient tomb unearthed in central China’s Henan Province in 1987. A [...]

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Maiji Mountain Grottoes

Located near Tianshui, a major city in Eastern Gansu Province, Wheat-Pile Mountain (The Maiji), reputed as the “Oriental Sculpture Museum,” is 142 meters high. The name comes from the fact that the mountain look like a stack of wheat. There are altogether 194 grottoes (the grottoes are divided into east grottoes and west grottoes) in [...]

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Bone-carving Chinese Fan

Speaking of bamboo carving, it can be dated back to Ming Dynasty. In the southern area where rich bamboo resource existed, the bamboo carving craft was so well developed and there appeared Shanghai’s Jiading and Jiangsu’s Jinling two factions as well as numerous handicraftsmen. Through continuous development, craftsmen created various techniques such as rilievi, diaglyph, [...]

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