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Stilt-walking, a recreational activity in rural areas, combines dance, drama and physical agility, using various props, performers play folk heroes or roles from popular dramas. Stilts refer to a pair of long, slender poles each equipped with a raised footrest to enable the user to walk elevated above the ground. In China, there is an [...]

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Family Support for Old People

A nationwide survey found that about 23 percent of China’s seniors over the age of 65 live by themselves. Another survey conducted in Beijing showed that less than 50 percent of elderly women live with their children. Since more and more elderly have to live alone, homes for the elderly are far form being enough [...]

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The Spark Program

At the end of the 1970s, the reform of economic institution first started in rural areas in China. The family output related contract responsibility system was established and has aroused the farmers’ enthusiasm for getting rich through hard working and brought about a significant change to the production relations in the rural areas. Since the [...]

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