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Shang Yang Reforms

Shang Yang (390-338 BC) was an important statesman of Qin in the Warring States Period of ancient China. It was he who enacted numerous reforms, and promoted Qin into a militarily powerful and strongly centralized state. Before Shang Yang’s arrival in 361 BC, Qin was a peripheral, backwards state. After Duke Xiao of Qin, ascended [...]

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Written Slips of Qin

Qinjian(Written Slips of Qin) is the collective name for the presently available literature from the Qin State in the Warring States Period (475-221BC) and from the subsequent Qin Dynasty (221-206BC). At that time, paper had not been invented yet and bamboo and wood slips were used for writing. The discovery of Qinjian is greatly important [...]

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Meng Jiangnu’s Bitter Weeping

This story happened during the Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC). There was once an old man named Meng who lived in the southern part of the country with his wife. One spring, Meng sowed a seed of bottle gourd in his yard. The bottle gourd grew up bit by bit and its vines climbed over the wall [...]

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