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Moon in Chinese Celestial Cosmology

The choice of the festival’s theme – celebrating the glories and mysteries of the moon — was a natural. Along with the sun, the moon has long been an object of human curiosity and worship. "It is probable that sun and moon were early held to be deities and that they were the first visible [...]

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Chinese Food – Nutrition is the First

It is known that color, aroma, and flavor are the three musts for Chinese food. However, these are never the only principles to be followed in Chinese cooking; the nutrition is the first concern. A theory of the “harmonization of foods” can be traced back to the Shang dynasty’s (16th to 11th century B.C.) scholar [...]

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Chinese Moral Evaluation

Chinese culture is an ethical one, which pays special attention to moral evaluation. This is fully characterized by showing filial obedience, being amicable to others, respecting ordinary people and appreciating morality. Under the influence of Confucian culture, the moral tradition of self-examination, self-criticism and self-restriction has become the core components of a person’s self-cultivation. Both [...]

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