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The History and Changes of Agriculture (3)

China’s main grain crops are rice, wheat, corn, soybeans and tuber crops. Paddy rice is the major grain crop in China, grown mainly in the Yangtze River valley and southern China, and on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. Wheat accounts for slightly more than one fifth of the total output of grain, planted mainly on the North [...]

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Composing a Poem within Seven Paces

This story happened over two thousand years ago. In the late of the Three Kingdoms Period, Cao Cao, the first emperor of Wei, specifically favored Cao Zhi, his third son, because of his great talents. Cao Zhi’s eldest brother Cao Pi was, therefore, very jealous of him. After succeeded the regality, Cao Pi could not [...]

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Coping with Pressures of Aging Society in China

At a press conference in Beijing on Mar the 6th 2006, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) highlighted some of the key points of interest of the 11th Five-Year Guidelines (2006-2010). A national program was announced after being issued by the China National Committee and approved by the State Council, that China plans to [...]

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