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Father of Chinese Film

Ren Qingtai, also known as Ren Jingfeng, was born in Faku County, Liaoning Province in 1850 and died of disease in Beijing 1932. He was the first Chinese filmmaker, called by later generations the “Father of Chinese Film”. Ren Qingtai went to Japan to learn photography when he was young and then launched the first [...]

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“Huaguang” Phototypesetting Laser System

Traditional newspaper and books are printed in type. Therefore, it can not be separated from the “lead” and “fire.” At that time, metallic lead was melt by fire, then cast into type. This labor-intensive process polluted the environment and did harm to typesetters’ good health. With the development of computer technology, electronic laser technology had [...]

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Marriage Cost in China

Weddings are so important in China that couples are willing to fork out dozens of times their monthly income on getting hitched and everything that comes with it. A survey of marriages consumption in 2006-2007 analyzed 60,000 China’s newly-weds in urban areas showed that about 560,000 Yuan (80,000 USD) on average will be spent. A [...]

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