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Dragon and Phoenix

The dragon and the phoenix are the principal motifs for decorative designs on the buildings, clothing and articles of daily use in the imperial palace. The throne hall is supported by columns entwined by gilded dragons, the central ramps on marble steps were paved with huge slabs carved in relief with the dragon and phoenix, [...]

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Qilin, Mythical Chinese Animal

Qilin, also named ‘Lin’, is an animal recorded in Chinese traditional books, together with phoenix, tortoise, and dragon, are called ‘the Four Mythical Animals’, being the mounts of gods and symbolizing auspicious signs. The Qilin has, according to some sources, "the body of a deer, the tail of an ox, the hooves of a horse, [...]

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Travel to Dali

  Lying at the foot of Cangshan Mountains, Dali is the capital of the Bai Autonomous Prefecture. Dali is a pivot of the south Yunna Province with the Yunnan-Burma Highway and the Yunnan-Tibet Highway crossing it. Dali was proclaimed as one of the first batch of 24 cultural and historical cities by the State Council. [...]

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