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Tiger in Folk Art (1)

The tiger is a popular theme in Chinese folk art. One may encounter numerous images of tigers in almost all forms of folk art: paper cuts, embroidery, sculpture, new year print and so on. The earliest image of the tiger was discovered in an ancient tomb unearthed in central China’s Henan Province in 1987. A [...]

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Tibetan New Year

The Tibetan New Year is celebrated from December 29 through January 15 by the Tibetan calendar. The calendar, with a history of 1000-odd years, has retained its peculiarities although it was greatly influenced by the Han and other nationalities. Traditionally all Tibetan families start, in the middle of December, to prepare butter, milk tea, buttered [...]

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The Yangliuqing New Year Picture

The woodcut New Year pictures of Yangliuqing have a strong flavor of life. People in life Yangliuqing village and 32 villages nearby, 20 kilometers from the west of Tianjin City proper, are all engaged in making New Year pictures. The New Year pictures are a unique art form with even arrangement, forceful stokes, elegant colors [...]

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