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Snack Streets of Nanjing

Fuzimiao Street (Gongyuan Street) Most travelers find local delicacies in Nanjing irresistible. Gongyuan Street on the northern bank of the famous Qin Huai River (usually called Fuzimiao Street by locals) is the most bustling tour site in the city. It is one of China’s Four Famed Streets – the others being Wangfujing in Beijing, Xuanmiaoguan [...]

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Nanjing Road in Shanghai

Nanjing Road is the major business centers in Shanghai, east from the Bund, the West arrived in Jing’an Temple, with a length of 5 km. The road was so named by the imperialists in memory of the humiliating Treaty of Nanjing in 1842, forced down China’s throat at the end of the Opium War. The [...]

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