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Nuwa Mended the Fallen

This is one of many Chinese flood myths that reflect the tortuous course of prehistory China. The fight of gods resulted in the disasters of the people. Nuwa, the creator of man, would not allow this to continue. She must save her offspring and the world that she started the arduous task by mending the [...]

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Nuwa Creates Man

According to the Chinese myth, after the birth of the world there were only creatures but no humans. It was indeed a lonely world. The almighty goddess Nuwa wanted to add life and beauty to this world and also to cheer up herself. She came to a lake, saw herself in the water and decided [...]

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The Creation of the World

Chinese creation myth is so unique in that heaven, earth, gods and man are an undifferentiated whole. That is the origin of the Chinese world view of harmony of man and nature. The most popular myth in this respect is Pangu the Creator. It is popular among most peoples in China. There are almost ten [...]

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