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China’s Early Development of Laser Technology

In 1957, Wang Daheng and other scientists set up China’s first professional optical Institute – the Chinese Academy of Sciences Optical Precision Instruments Machinery Research Institute (“MRI”) in Changchun. Under the leadership of the older generation of experts, a number of young science and technology workers grew rapidly, Deng Ximing is one of the outstanding [...]

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Zhuang Ethnic Minority

According to the statistics from 1983 to 1987, the herbal medicines in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (South China) alone amount to 4,623 kinds, of which 4,064 kinds are plant herbs, 509 kinds are animal medicines, and 50 are mineral medicines, ranking second in China. Medicines commonly used by the Zhuang doctors are as many [...]

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Taoism and Medicine

Due to its main aim at longevity, Chinese Taoism has paid a special attention to medicine. Taoist medicine covers various aspects such as methods to keep in good health, therapeutics, materia medica and medical knowledge. Regretfully, it also has witchcraft elements such as spell and conjuration. In order to get longevity, Taoists have done a [...]

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