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Red Head Covers

At a traditional Chinese wedding, the bride is often seen with a red veil on her head. It covers the bride’s face. Chinese people call the veil, made of a laced silk square, red head cover. This practice dates back to the Qi Period (479-502) of the Northern and Southern Dynasties. The head cover was [...]

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Guozhuang Bonfire Dance in Tibet

Guozhuang village is in Qamdo Prefecture, the east of Tibet autonomous region. Guozhuang bonfire dance is the most famous fork dance in Tibet. In the old time, when travelling merchants took rest at night, they built a bonfire cooking teas. After dinner they danced around the bonfire, to escape from the tired from the whole [...]

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"Naked Marriage" in China

During these years, many Chinese people are enthusiastically in the Judgments of such a phenomenon – "naked marriage" – "Do not buy a house, do not buy a car, do not do weddings, even do not buy wedding rings, just direct register and get married." Some people support it and argue that this reflects exactly [...]

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