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China’s Skin Care Market

In China’s skin care market, the competition among home-made, joint-ventured and imported products is getting increasingly fierce. Foreign and joint venture brands mainly dominate in the top grade market, where there are small profits and a quick turnover. Currently there are over 1300 skin care products in Chinese market. Skin care sales account for 26-35 [...]

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Three Moves by Mencius’s Mother

The allusion comes from The Biography of Mencius’ Mother Biographies of Outstanding Women by Liu Xiang, one of the greatest letters in the Han Dynasty. When Meng Ke, known later on as Mencius, was still a child, his mother and him lived near a graveyard. As Meng Ke played in the yard, what he imitated [...]

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Luxury Goods in China

- "When I have money, I must buy myself a pizza." In people’s imagination, a standard "Chinese luxury consumer" is often with two different kinds of images: one usually dressed in Armani suits, working in his own office in a high-end building, speaking in fluent English and enjoying at least one-month vacation per year in [...]

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