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Cold Food Day

According to the legend, during the Spring and Autumn period, a person named Jie Zhitui followed his master Chong’er, the prince of Jin, and stayed with him during all the 19 years when the prince was in exile. Jie Zhitui was so loyal to this master that once when the prince was starved to death, [...]

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Sani Women

The Sani is a branch of the Yi ethnic minority. Huabaotou(colored turban) of the Sani women is still an important part of girls’ habiliment now, just like the legendary Ahshima (a goddess of love in the national myth). Huabaotou is usually made by ingenious girls themselves. It is about three meters long and about 0.17 [...]

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Harvest Drum – A Special Instrument

Harvest Drum is popular among regions of Northeast China, Inner Mongolia, Hebei and Anhui provinces. It’s a kind of feature instrument used mainly by the Han and Manchu people. It is said that the drum came into being in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and was named as Harvest Drumin the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). According to [...]

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