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The Legend of Emperor Taizu

Emperor Taizu, Zhao Kuangyin (927-976), was the founder of the Song Dynasty of China, reigning from 960 to 976. His family was of fairly modest origins and cannot be traced back with certainty further than the late Tang dynasty. Zhao Kuangyin had little interest in a classical education and also joined the military eventually rising [...]

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The Legend of Yu

Yu the Great, a Chinese prehistoric king, is still remembered and respected as the ruler who got the Yellow River back under control. Yu lived about four thousand years ago. At that time, people suffered from a big flood of the Yellow River. King Shun, the ruler before Yu, initially assigned Yu’s father Gun to [...]

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Wugang Cutting the Osmanthus Tree

Another legend goes that there is a huge verdant osmanthus tree, as tall as 500 meters, in front of the Guanghan Palace( Wide and Cold Palace). Under the intertwined tree branches there is a man who is wielding an ax chopping it. But this tree has magical power and the cut pointing can immediately recovers [...]

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