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Representative Works (4)

Miao Jin Feng(Embroidery of Golden Phoenix) is a feature-length traditional piece of SuzhouTanci. According to playbooks handed down from early days, the piece was perhaps created before the Guangxu reign (1875-1909) in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Miao Jin Fengtells about the love story of Xu Huilan, an intellectual in Suzhou of Zhejiang Province. The dramatics [...]

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Language Variety in China

China has 56 nationalities within its territory. The Han, Hui and Manchu nationalities all use the Chinese language, and the Mongolian, Tibetan, Uygur, Kazak, Kirgiz, Korean, Yi, Dai, Lahu, Jingpo, Xibe and Russian nationalities have their own written languages. Most of these languages have a comparatively long history. Among them, the Mongolian nationality has a [...]

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Chinese: More than a Language

Though notoriously hard to learn, Mandarin sees increasing interest from passionate overseas learners. Laying aside all the complex factors, Mandarin is apparently more than a mere language, shows a recent research. Music to the ears Mandarin, the official national standard spoken language of China, baffles most foreigners. Scientists have discovered it puzzles human brains too. [...]

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