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Mazu Culture

Over 1,000 years ago, a beautiful young girl by the name of Lin Mu was born at the Xianliang Port of Meizhou Bay in Putian, Fujian Province. Clever, brave and kindhearted, Lin Mu could forecast the weather and was happy to help fishermen in distress at sea. She encouraged the people to conquer nature and [...]

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Rise of Confucianism as Main State Ideology

Confucianism rose as the main state ideology during the time of Emperor Wudi in the Western Han Dynasty (206BC-8AD). In the Qin Dynasty (221-206BC), Legalism served as the state ideology and at the beginning of the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD), Laozi’s theory that was more moderate and humane was put into practice. However, Laozi’s thoughts did [...]

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