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Wen Tianxiang Monuments

Wen Tianxiang (1236-1283), a loyal minister appeared at the time when the Southern Song Dynasty was collapsing. The Yuan Dynasty could conquer the Song Dynasty that had lasted for 300 years and built a great empire, but it could not conquer Wen Tianxing’s loyalty to the Song Dynasty. Monuments are built over many places, to [...]

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The Guest Gets the Best

The guest of honor natural receives the choicest morsels, and is expected to lead the way when necessary. With a fish course, the fish head would be left for the guest of honor – and it is the most nutritious part (the eyes and lips are the valued delicacies offered to the senior lady present). [...]

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A Legend about Beacon Tower

The beacon towers on hilltops often played a key role in military communication in ancient war times. Once the enemy pressed towards the border, the signal from the beacon tower would be sent by beacon (fires or lanterns) during the night or by smoke signals in the daytime. A famous story is told about Baosi, [...]

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