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Legendary Pharmacist – Li Shizhen

Li Shizhen (1518-1593) was a great Chinese pharmacist in the Ming Dynasty. Born in Jinzhou of Hubei Province, Li Shihen decided to follow the trace of his father, a local renowned medical man, to study traditional Chinese medical science. He was very interested in the proper classification of the components of nature. His major contribution [...]

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Herb Tea – Wang Lao Ji

Liangcha (literally, Herbal tea) is a China’s unique herb-stewed drink, cold and cool as herbs, which can eliminate the body’s heat in summer or treat sore throat and other diseases caused by winter dryness. In the Guangdong area, people like to drink herbal teas as if it were a necessity of their daily lives. One [...]

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Hucheng – the Talisman of Doctor

In ancient times, some Chinese doctors walked everywhere to collect and test the efficacy of various drugs; they were usually holding a bell that looks like a copper ring, known as Hucheng (in literal Tiger prop up, or Tiger Bear). This is their talisman. According to the legend, the Medicine King Sun Simiao, once on [...]

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