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Tiger in Folk Art (2)

In Chinese legends, there are quite a few tales about how tigers saved human lives. One legend says in the ancient State of Chu, a man had an illegitimate child which he abandoned in a desolate field. A female tiger found the child and fed him with her won milk. Later, the child grew up [...]

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Chu-Han Contention

Emperor Gao (256 – 195 BC), commonly known in China as Gaozu, personal name Liu Bang, was the first emperor of the Chinese Han Dynasty, ruling over China from 202 BC until 195 BC. After defeating the Qin Empire, Liu Bang, as one of the rival leaders was awarded the Principality of Han (known as [...]

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Do you know another way to call Chinese?

Just like we often use Gaulish to describe people of French ethnicity, there’s also another word for the Chinese: Han. Originally, Han referred to the Han River in central China, after which the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) itself was named. The Han Dynasty, lasting 400 years, was one of the most glorious periods in [...]

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