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Han Dynasty

During Shi Huang Di’s reign, the Qin Empire (227 – 207 BC) firstly united seven warring states and formed a control-governed territory which deeply influenced the latter history. After his less able successors were defeated, the things he had achieved allowed a period of united progress under the Han dynasty, which lasted from 206 BC [...]

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The First Chinese Empire

Fighting increased among the states until, by 221 BC, the Qin people, from the southwest, crushed the rest six countries. Their ruler Qin Shi Huang Di, proclaimed himself the ‘first Emperor’ from the city of Chang-an (near present-day Xian). He came to rule over and administer a real empire, rather than simply controlling a group [...]

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Seal Carving

Listed along with painting, calligraphy and poetry as the "four arts", seal carving is a unique part of the Chinese cultural heritage. A seal stamp is not only the signature on a work of calligraphy or painting but also an indispensable touch to liven it up. It reveals the charm of eastern tradition and condenses [...]

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