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Western Han Nanyue King’s Tomb Museum

Located on Jiefang Bei Road, Guangzhou, the Western Han Dynasty Nanyue King Mausoleum Museum is the oldest and largest Han tomb with the most funerary objects in Lingnan (South of the Nanling Mountain) Area. As one of the 80 famous museums in the world, the museum covers 14,000 square meters with 10 exhibition halls. The [...]

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Wuhan-Guangzhou Passenger Dedicated Line

Commenced on June 23, 2005, the Wuhan-Guangzhou passenger dedicated line has spent an over four years’ construction and finally began the operation on December 26, 2009. The line starts at Wuhan’s New Wuhan Station, travelling through Xianning, Red Cliff, Yueyang, Changsha, Zhuzhou, Hengyang, Chenzhou, Shaoguan, Huadu, until Guangzhou’s New Guangzhou Station to reach a total [...]

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Special Economic Zones of the People’s Republic of China (2)

Economic policies of SEZs Special tax incentives for foreign investments in the SEZs. Greater independence on international trade activities. Economic characteristics are represented as "4 principles": Construction primarily relies on attracting and utilizing foreign capital Primary economic forms are sino-foreign joint ventures and partnerships as well as wholly foreign-owned enterprises Products are primarily export-oriented Economic [...]

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