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The Chinese Stone Lions

Lion is a special animal to Chinese people. A pair of stone lions, a male and a female, can often be seen in front of the gates of traditional buildings. The male lion is on the left with his right paw resting on a ball, and the female on the right with her left paw [...]

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City Planning First Appeared in Zhou Dynasty

In the Western Zhou Dynasty (1,100-771BC), the relationship between palace and capital city became closer, this is evident from the "Kao Gongji" (Notes on the Inspection of Engineering Work) recording the then planning system of the capital city of Luoyi. The book says: The Wang Cheng (imperial city) built by artisan was in a square [...]

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Xi’an City Wall

Xi’an City Wall is situated in Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province. Xi’an City Wall is the most intact and largest city wall built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) in China. It was first built from the 3rdto the 11th(1370-1378) of the Hongwu reign in the Ming Dynasty on the original site of the imperial walls of [...]

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