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Family Support for Old People

A nationwide survey found that about 23 percent of China’s seniors over the age of 65 live by themselves. Another survey conducted in Beijing showed that less than 50 percent of elderly women live with their children. Since more and more elderly have to live alone, homes for the elderly are far form being enough [...]

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College Students, Will You Get Married or Have Kids?

In the "Ordinary College Student Management Rules" enacted on September 1st, 2005, a longlasting ban on marriage for colleges and universities was abolished, which means from that day on, students would have "legal" right to access to marriage and have kids when they are still in college. Though it seems to be an unconcerned "right" [...]

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How to Address People in Chinese (1)

On many occasions, the Chinese do not call each other by their full name or last name. When addressing people, it is common practice to use titles like Mr ( xi?nsh?ng in Chinese pronunciation), Mrs (f?ren) or Miss (xi?oji?).The title is placed after the first name, thus Miss Zhuo is Zhuo? xi?oji? in Chinese. The [...]

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