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Zhang Heng and the Seismograph

, there is a restored model of the first seismograph, which was called Houfeng Didong Yi (literally, an instrument for measuring the seasonal winds and the earth’s movement). The inventor was Zhang Heng, a famous scientist in the Eastern Han Dynasty. Zhang Heng was from Nanyang of Henan Province. He studied diligently, and was especially [...]

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Dragon – the National Symbol

Dragon is a fictitious animal but has the most influence and impact on the Chinese. From the beginning, the dragon was attributed with various divinities, and was aid to be the god of rain, thunder, cloud and wind. The carriage of the Sun God was drawn by six dragons. The candle Dragon in the north [...]

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Dashu Fu – A Poem Written by Cao Zhi

“The Yan emperor (one of the ancestors of the Chinese nation) controls the seasons, Zhu Rong (the god of fire in Chinese mythology) controls the cold and heat, Xi He (the mother of the sun in Chinese mythology) stops the sun to parch the earth, and the rose finch represents the fire dance around the [...]

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