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Chinese Elder Day

The Elder Day is the Double-Nine Festival, the 9th day of 9th lunar month. The Chinese called this festival Chong-Yang Jie. The new generation in China don’t celebrate this festival, because this is not a fun day for young people. So people forget the legend. The story of the Double-Nine Festival began in the Han [...]

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Taoism and Folk Customs

As a Chinese native religion, Taoism has a close relationship with Chinese folk customs. With the development of Taoism, it has become deep-rooted in, and the practices of, the ordinary people. This can be seen both in Taoist religious festivals and sacrifice-offerings. There are many Taoist festivals, and quite a few of them have evolved [...]

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Chong Yang Festival

The "Chong Yang Festival", also as such known as the Double Ninth Festival, is celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month. The festival can be traced back as early as the Warring States Period (475 – 221 BC). According to the yin/yang dichotomy which forms a basis to the Chinese world view, [...]

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