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Doctoral Employment of China

Over the last decade the number of doctoral graduates, from 1995’s 4,151 to 2008’s 41,460, makes a rapid growth with the annual average growth rate of 19.4%. A survey of "China Doctor Quality Analysis" shows that the doctoral employment in China has diversified development trend. The proportion of the doctors choosing universities, research institutes, or [...]

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Lao Ban

The English word "boss" is said originated from the New York City in 17th century. When the Dutch established a trading post there, boss was referred to "head of household" or "supervisor" who operated farms or engaged in trade. As time goes by, it gradually evolved into the meaning of trade leaders. In China, boss [...]

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Hucheng – the Talisman of Doctor

In ancient times, some Chinese doctors walked everywhere to collect and test the efficacy of various drugs; they were usually holding a bell that looks like a copper ring, known as Hucheng (in literal Tiger prop up, or Tiger Bear). This is their talisman. According to the legend, the Medicine King Sun Simiao, once on [...]

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