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Ancient Chinese Shoes (1)

China has diverse customs and styles as regards its traditional dress culture, and the abundance and variety of Chinese footwear justifies its being singled out from other items of apparel to be studied separately as “shoe culture”. Footwear is an interesting facet of the many aspects of Chinese culture. From “Foot Clothing” to Leather Boots [...]

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Commerce and Culture in Tang Dynasty

The period under the Tang dynasty, from AD 618 to 907, was what has been called a ‘Golden Age’. China was then the world’s largest state, with a population of over 70 million, and organized by an educated civil service. By the eighth century, block-printing allowed text books and scrolls to be widely distributed. The [...]

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Why are you learning Chinese?

Whether you are just starting your studies of Chinese language or not or have been studying for a while, it’s of great importance that you’re conscious of your motivations for wanting to learn the language. You might even have a few apparently good reasons for learning Chinese, such as: “Chinese is the language of the [...]

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