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Zhu Xi

Zhu Xi (1130-1200) was a Song Dynasty (960-1279) Confucian scholar who became one of the most significant Neo-Confucians in China. He taught at the famous White Deer Grotto Academy for some time. During the Song Dynasty, Zhu Xi’s teachings were considered to the orthodoxy. Zhu Xi and his fellow scholars added two additional Chinese classic [...]

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Dragon – the National Symbol

Dragon is a fictitious animal but has the most influence and impact on the Chinese. From the beginning, the dragon was attributed with various divinities, and was aid to be the god of rain, thunder, cloud and wind. The carriage of the Sun God was drawn by six dragons. The candle Dragon in the north [...]

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Chinese Holidays and Festivals

Along with the international use of the Gregorian Calendar, Chinese people are still using another parallel Calendar, namely, the Lunar Calendar. In the Lunar Calendar, dates following the regular appearance of the full moon, that is, a year contains twelve-month; big months contain 30 days; and small months contain 29 days. Due to that the [...]

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