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The Four Methods of Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine

The four methods of diagnosis are general term used by the doctors of the traditional Chinese medicine for the basic methods of diagnosing illness, including diagnosis through observation, diagnosis through auscultation and olfaction, diagnosis through inquiry and diagnosis through pulse feeling and palpation, namely “Wang Wen Wen Qie”. The first method of diagnosis, observation, means [...]

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Lao Ban

The English word "boss" is said originated from the New York City in 17th century. When the Dutch established a trading post there, boss was referred to "head of household" or "supervisor" who operated farms or engaged in trade. As time goes by, it gradually evolved into the meaning of trade leaders. In China, boss [...]

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Chinese Medicine

  Traditional Chinese medicine is an indispensable part of the glorious culture of the Chinese nation. Totally different from the principle of western medicine, theories of tradition Chinese medicine are concerned with an emphasis on balance throughout the whole body. The methods not only aim to cure the symptom of disease, but also to cure [...]

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