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China-Korea Submarine Tunnel

Zhao Yinglai, the principal of China-Korea Submarine Tunnel, vice president of development institute of South Korea Gyeonggito, recently said that South Korea is actively promoting the basic research on a "China Korea" subsea tunnel, and the plan is expected to be completed in April 2010. The study shows that the overall tunnel construction will cost [...]

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Tips for Living in China

How to bargain?when to smile, who to serve first at a banquet, and more. 1. Banquets You don’t have to eat everything (you can’t possibly anyway, there will be too much food). But try a little of every dish by putting some on your plate or rice bowl. You don’t have to eat it, but [...]

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Weather in China

China has a vast area about 9.6 million square kilometers, spanning 51 degrees of latitude that over tropical, subtropical and temperate zones. Influenced by the wide-range latitude and also the complicated geographical terrain, climate, from east to west, south to north, each varies radically. Weather in tropical zones, like Hainan province, southern Taiwan, Guangdong, and [...]

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