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How Chinese Celebrate Birthday for Newborn Children?

Chinese people put their family in a very important position as they regard it as a means to keep the family blood stream continuously running. And the running of every family blood stream maintains the life of the whole nation. That is why children bearing and breeding in China becomes a focus of all members [...]

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Sanbei Chicken

Ingredients: young chicken, a cup of soy sauce, a cup of sesame oil, a cup of rice wine Sanbei Chicken (literally, three-cup chicken) is a centuries-old dish of Fujian and Jiangxi Provinces. As the name indicates, the dish is not cooked with water or soup but three cups of seasonings: a cup of sweetened rice [...]

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Jiaohua Chicken

Chicken is so important a dish to a Chinese table that since ancient times there was the old saying had it that “Chicken makes for a real dinner.” Actually, the hard-working and intelligent Chinese people have created over one hundred ways to cook chicken, among which, jiaohua chicken a very unique and famed dish. Chicken [...]

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